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Choosing the Right Care

Pharmacist helping elderly woman

We help guide you every step of the way to find the right care solution. This could be a care home, care at home, or even sheltered accommodation or assisted living.

Mental Capacity Assessments


We offer a broad range of mental capacity assessments, including: Deputyship applications, Granting and Revoking of LPAs, Making a Gift, Marrying, and Accommodation & Care.

Continuing Healthcare

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When an individual's requirement for care is assessed as a 'primary health need', they may qualify for free care. This is known as Continuing Healthcare, and we are able to help people apply for this.

Other Funding Opportunities

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We can help people to apply for a number of care related funding schemes, including: Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment and Carer's Allowance.

Care Assessments

Seniors Socializing

For someone already receiving care, we can provide a comprehensive and actionable assessment – usually on behalf of a relative or a solicitor with professional responsibility.

Funeral Planning


Working in partnership with Rest Assured, we offer a comprehensive funeral planning service - with no age restrictions, no health checks required and a range of payment options. 

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