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Care Assessments

Care Assessments 

For people currently receiving care, we can provide a professional and comprehensive assessment of their wellbeing, the environment they are living in and the people who are looking after them.


Maybe you’re the RELATIVE of someone who is in a care home and you have noticed that their health seems to be deteriorating, or that the care they are receiving isn’t as good as it used to be.


Or you are a SOLICITOR, acting as Professional Deputy or Attorney for someone in care, for whom you are legally obliged to visit from time to time, in order to check up on their wellbeing. Maybe your client is located some distance away, or whose condition is complex. There may be any number of reasons you could benefit from using Oxmoor Care Consultancy to visit and carry out a care assessment of a client:

  • We have many years of professional experience assessing people in care.

  • All we do is care – so we know exactly what to look for.

  • If there are any issues arising regarding the care being provided, we will make sure they are dealt with.

  • We can help source alternative care should it be needed.

  • We take the weight of professional responsibility off your shoulders.

  • We will save you time and money.

What we do

  • Gain a clear understanding of the person in care.

  • Obtain and review their care plan.

  • Find out if there are any particular issues or concerns relating.

  • Carry out a thorough assessment of the individual in care, including their environment and the people looking after them.

  • Produce a detailed report, highlighting any issues that need addressing.

  • Discuss and agree how any actions recommended can best be implemented and by whom.

  • Implement as required.


This service is suitable both for people in care homes and for those receiving care at home. 

Regular Care Monitoring 


Quite often, having carried out an assessment of a client in care, there is need for an ongoing monitoring service. This is typically done two to four times a year. Any visits undertaken will include not only spending time with the individual concerned, but also within the care environment generally, chatting to staff and making observations about the home. 


Within this process, where there has been a deterioration in the condition of the person concerned, we can also consider if it would be a good idea to look for a new care provider. Alternatively, there may be a good case for Continuing Healthcare to apply.  


Following our visit, we report back with any proposed actions recommended, and can raise any matters arising directly with the care provider. As with Care Assessments, this service is available both to individuals/families and to solicitors acting as Professional Deputy or Attorney. 

"They did an excellent job, carrying out a very thorough assessment of the care being provided to my client."

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