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Other Funding Opportunities

Attendance Allowance. Personal Independence Payment. Carer’s Allowance

Oxmoor Care Consultancy can help people to apply for a number of care related funding schemes provided by the government.

Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is a tax-free benefit for people over State Pension age who need help with personal care or supervision because of illness or disability. While designed to meet individual needs and to help people live independently in their own homes, the money can be used for any purpose, and does not have to be spent on a carer, for example.


In order to qualify, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • You must be over State Pension age (if not, you may be eligible for Personal Independence Payment instead – see below).

  • You must be able to benefit from help with personal care, such as getting washed or dressed, or supervision to keep you safe during the day or night.

  • You must have some kind of disability or illness, including sight or hearing impairments, or mental health issues such as dementia.

  • You must have needed help for at least 6 months.

Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit that helps with the extra costs of a long-term health condition or disability for people aged 16 and over. It is not means tested. In order to qualify, both of the following need to apply:

  •  You must need help with everyday tasks or moving around.

  •  You must have required this help for at least 6 months, and expect to need it for at least another 9 months.

You cannot claim PIP as well as Attendance Allowance.

Carer’s Allowance

Carer’s Allowance is the main welfare benefit to help people aged 16 or over who are providing care for someone.

You could be eligible if each of the following applies:

  • You spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone who is receiving disability benefit, although you don't have to live with them or be related to them.

  • Your earnings do not exceed a specified level.

  • You are not in full-time education.




The application process for each of the above can be quite complicated, but if required, we can help you complete the necessary paperwork.

"Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf"

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