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Funeral Planning

The average cost of a funeral has increased by over 70% in the last decade, and is expected to go on rising in the years ahead. Unfortunately, money set aside in a savings account is unlikely to grow at the same rate as funeral costs.

Having to organise and pay for a funeral can be both financially and emotionally demanding for all concerned, which is why it makes sense to plan ahead. A pre-paid funeral plan is a simple, stress-free way to arrange and pay for a funeral in advance, thereby protecting loved ones from the burden of finding the necessary funds, as well as relieving them of any uncertainties about your final wishes.

Working in partnership with Rest Assured, we offer a comprehensive funeral planning service and a choice of 5 pre-paid plans – with no age restrictions, no health checks required and a range of payment options.

You simply decide on the funeral you want, and then make the appropriate pre-payment – there are no rising costs or hidden charges to worry about. By paying in advance, the cost of the funeral is effectively locked in at today’s prices. Alternatively, you can spread the cost by making monthly payments over a longer period.

All sums invested are held in a fund which complies with all the relevant legislation set out in the

‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000).

"They provide support in the most empathetic and understanding way."

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