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Mental Capacity Assessments 

We offer a broad range of mental capacity assessments covered by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA), designed to protect and empower people who may lack the capacity to make their own decisions. Examples include those with a mental health condition (eg dementia), a severe learning disability, a brain injury, delirium or a stroke.

We work with experienced, highly qualified personnel, recognised by the Court of Protection in accordance with the MCA 2005, to provide the following key related services:

  • Capacity Assessments for Deputyship applications to the Court of Protection (COP3)

  • Capacity to grant LPAs (Health & Welfare; Property & Financial Affairs)

  • Capacity to revoke LPAs

  • Capacity to make a gift

  • Capacity relating to accommodation and care

  • Capacity to marry

We start by carrying out a thorough fact find of the person to be assessed, including any relevant

documents and background information, so that we are well prepared when we meet them.

Our assessments usually take place in the person’s home or in a care home, and typically take between one and two hours, depending on the person concerned. In line with the requirements set out by the MCA, our assessments are carried out in two stages. The first stage checks that the person being assessed has an impairment or disturbance in the functioning of their mind or brain. In the second stage, we assess whether this degree of impairment or disturbance is sufficiently strong

to determine that the person lacks the capacity (or otherwise) to make a particular decision. As part of this process, if appropriate or necessary, we may need to refer to third parties, such as GPs or other medical specialists.

Finally, we complete the relevant paperwork, together with any supporting notes. As speed is so often important, we aim to complete and return our assessments as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining a high standard of work.

"I would recommend them to anyone needing help and advice for care"

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