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Whether you are seeking care for yourself, a relative, or on behalf of a client, unless you have had plenty of previous experience, it’s an extremely challenging task – at least, to be confident you are making the right choice. All kinds of questions come into your mind:

  • What is the right type of care for the individual concerned?

  • Are there sufficient funds to pay for it over an extended period of time?

  • How can I decide if the quality of care will be good enough?

  • What things should I be looking out for when I’m choosing a care home?

And so on…


Fortunately, at Oxmoor Care Consultancy we have vast experience of sourcing care for people all round the country.



We use an easy 3 step process to help you every step of the way:

Choosing the Right Care​

Care home. Care at home. Assisted living. Sheltered accommodation

Step One: Initial Consultation (Free)

Image by Thomas Drouault

It all starts with a phone call or face to face chat, whichever you prefer. This stage is completely free. 


Here, we simply ask you to talk about why you, or your relative, are looking for care. And whether you will be self-funding, or at least part self-funding. From this conversation we’ll gain a really good appreciation of what you need:

  • The type of care environment that will suit your requirements best (eg care home or care at home) 

  • Any specialist care needs (eg dementia care or nursing care)

  • Whereabouts geographically

  • How much you can afford to pay


At the end of all this, we will let you know how we can help, what we would propose to do for you, and how much we would charge. We will always put this in writing for you, so you can decide what to do in your own time.

Step Two: Research

Image by Helloquence
  • Confirm the full agreed brief we are working to, including type of care and desired location.

  • Identify all the care providers in the defined area which broadly match the brief.

  • Extract as much information as we can about each one from our existing data sources.

  • Contact each provider to obtain additional information and further check suitability.

  • Confirm availability and price

Step Three: Report & Recommendations

Image by Crew
  • First we list out all of the providers we have researched, together with basic information.

  • Next, we narrow down that list to those which are able to provide the type of care being sought and have current availability.

  • Finally, we reduce down to the 3 or 4 providers which most closely reflect your requirements.

  • All of the above is then provided to you in a report, from which you can make a final choice.

  • Alternatively, we can, if you like, come with you to visit your short list of care providers in order to help you make the right choice. 

"It's been invaluable having such a great team to help find a suitable care home"

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