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Additional Support Services

Attendance Allowance and Personal Independence Payment. Continuing Healthcare. Funeral Planning. Financial Planning

Attendance Allowance and Personal Independence Payment

Many people who are having to contemplate care provision will qualify for Attendance Allowance. This can amount to as much as £85 per week, and is made available in particular where there may be additional costs for an individual receiving care in their own home, whether by an unpaid relative or an external domiciliary care provider.


Unfortunately, the application process can be quite complicated. However, Oxmoor Care Consultancy can provide expert assistance to help successfully apply for these and other allowances, which may be available, such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which replaced the old Disability Living Allowance.



Continuing Healthcare

In certain situations, when the requirement for care is assessed primarily as a health need, Continuing Healthcare may be available, whereby the NHS will pay for the costs of an individual’s care (both residential and nursing) – usually amounting to tens of thousands of pounds each year. This process is notoriously complicated and time consuming - however, we are able to help clients in this position – either directly ourselves, or through our specialist partners.


We can do this by guiding you through the highly complex two stage application process at the point in time when the person concerned is about to go into care.  Alternatively, we can help you claim retrospective compensation in situations where has been incorrectly refused – sometimes going back many years.




Funeral Planning

The average cost of a funeral has risen by over 70% in the last decade. Having everything in place gives your loved ones peace of mind at a very difficult time. Working in partnership with Rest Assured, we are able to offer a comprehensive funeral planning service. There are no age restrictions, no health checks required and a range of payment options.



Financial Planning 

Depending on the type of care involved, the fees involved can be extremely high. So when we talk to you as part of our initial consultation, we will provide you with ballpark costs of the various types of care under consideration, and gain an understanding of the financial resources available.


While we are affiliate members of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisors), we are not qualified to provide clients with financial advice. However, we do have links with a number of well qualified Later Life Advisors, who we can refer people to as required.

"I would recommend them to anyone needing advice and help with care."

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